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Learn to Paddle

Learn to Paddle

This course is ideally suited for beginners who have never been in a kayak but want a fun experience and to learn the skills necessary to enjoy being on the water or recreational kayakers who wish to increase their skills and knowledge.

We offer Personalised Training, we understand that every participant’s journey is unique. Our team is comprised of instructors with a wealth of experience in sea kayaking. They are not only skilled paddlers, but also passionate educators who are committed to nurturing the next generation of sea kayakers. The course can be modified depending on your experience.  

Course Duration: 3 hours

Course Content

Session Content

  • Basic kayak design, fit out and essential safety equipment
  • How to launch and land your kayak in varied locations    
  • Basic kayak paddling techniques
  • Wet Exit-what happens when you tip over
  • Simple self-rescue techniques
  • Weather and environmental basics

Practice your new skills

  • For the last hour of the session we encourage you to put your new skills into practice, by exploring a nearby area on your own. One of our staff will be keeping an eye on you from shore, and is able to assist if needed. You can paddle as close to shore as you need to feel comfortable.

Location: Perth (Safety Bay). Other locations may be arranged on request, please contact us to discuss.
Dates: TBA
Minimum numbers: 3 people
Cost: $130

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