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Capricorn Seakayaking has been operating eco-adventure tours and programs across Western Australia since 1999. What better outdoor experience is there for your students than exploring the waters of WA and building their self-confidence and teamwork, while developing lifetime skills on the sea with trained professionals.

Students will learn paddling and safety techniques and how to manoeuvre a kayak, among other knowledge-based skills that will aid them in future adventures on land and sea.
The students will have an opportunity to apply their skills during a day tour or multiday expeditions, whilst learning about the ecology of the marine environment, weather and sea conditions.

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  1. Learn and improve kayaking skills.
  2. Improve communication skills by working with a teammate to paddle the kayak efficiently and working as a collective group to make good decisions.
  3. Strengthen student's relationships and connections by sharing a unique, memorable and fun experience on the water.  
  4. Have fun while learning how to kayak as well as practice balance, problem-solving and teamwork.

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We run kayaking expeditions in various locations such as;
 Shoalwater Islands Marine Park (Penguin and Seal Islands), Walpole/Nornalup Inlet, Jurien Bay and Shark Bay and other locations upon request.
We pride ourselves on safety, customer service and sound environmental policies. Programs can be catered to suit the needs of different year levels and curriculums, and we can build a custom program with you to achieve the outcomes you desire.


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